01 August 2008

The Hidden Art Shop

The Hidden Art Shop is a bit like Urban Outfitters in that they sell mostly affordable, novelty home accessories, but the difference is in the variety and quality of their products. Not only are they a shop, but they also support up and coming designers and help them network. Hidden Art started in 1994 as an event to show the work of 43 Hackney based designers and now support more than 1800 all over the UK. Here are some of my favourite items from their online shop.

1.- White Chandelier canvas print (also comes in a light up version). Large £50
2.- Rock On coat hook (also available in several other hand gestures). £90
3.- Wooster pendant light. £225
4.- Blaue Blume tea cup. £32.95
5.- Seville cushion. £55
6.- Stamp mirror. A3 size £47.95

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