26 September 2008

Off to Egypt

I apologise for not doing much blogging lately. James and I have been pretty busy shooting weddings and planning our Egypt trip. We're off Monday for two weeks, but fret not. I will try my best to keep you all updated on Egyptian design. If I cannot get to a computer however, I'll have tons of photos for you when I get back. See you then!

18 September 2008

Vogue: October 2008

(Front, above)

If you haven't already picked up the October issue of Vogue, I highly suggest you do so. There's some great articles about Swedish design team Front, London paper-cut artist Rob Ryan, and Orla Kiely's new home furnishings line. Plus plenty of fashion-related reads as well. Apparently overly baggy, sequinned trousers are all the rage. However, I think I'll pass.

17 September 2008

Vintage Vases on Etsy

Pyrex 1950's vase/caraffe from SamyStClair. $15.00

Four small 1970's vases from Vicskitschn. $8.00

Mid-century candle holder/vase with faux wood finish. From Violet64. $18.00

Vintage head vase from Touspourvous. $30.00

Antique whiskey jar/vase with the word "dimple" on it. From Scottishart. $15.00

11 September 2008

Come See my Work!

Photobucket Image Hosting

Starting tomorrow and running through the weekend, James and I will be exhibiting some of our band photography at the Hard Working Class Heroes Festival in Temple Bar. The exhibition will be held in the Button Factory and I'd really love it if you all could come down. Also, there have been rumours of free beer at the opening tomorrow evening (just a little added incentive). So please come on down and say hi (I'll be pretty easy to find thanks to my bright orange hair).

Oh and a quick PS:
My email isn't working properly and for some reason I can't reply to your emails at the moment. So just hang tight. I'm not ignoring you, and we're trying to get this fixed as soon as possible :-)

08 September 2008

How to use good wallpaper...goodly



Apparently "goodly" is a word now. Check out Beezy Peezy's fab kitchen. I'm especially liking the yellow/blue colour combination. I feel a revolution coming on. A revolution of people wallpapering unusual areas of their homes. Hoo-rah! I'm gonna draw the line at wallpapering appliances though...I have a feeling I'm gonna find that on google soon....yep here it is:


07 September 2008

Ziggy Played Guitar!

A couple of days ago, I made it much easier for people to find me and possibly for boats and planes to recognise land by having my hair-boyfriend, Richie dye it a shade I like to call "Ziggy Stardust orange." The only drawback is that now when I walk down my hall, it's like looking at an Irish flag (See exhibit A above). Oh well, the things we do for fashion!

05 September 2008

This month's world of interiors

The next time you're in the newsagents, you have to pick up the October issue of The World of Interiors. Like it says on the cover "Our biggest issue ever!" It's so thick and full of inspiration, you can bludgeon someone over the head with it. This year's fall colours are a bit more reminiscent of bright, jewel-toned, Spring colours, which is great because it's just effing miserable outside right now! I'm just gonna sit here and stare at the bright yellow cover and pretend I'm somewhere warm....

02 September 2008

How to use good wallpaper...badly

I found this photo on Flicker of this amazing wallpaper. It was gorgeous and retro and I've never seen it before. I thought for sure that it belonged to a room with equally retro furniture and funky prints on the wall. I just loved the little pops of metallic gold and winding stems....then I saw the way the owners furnished the room...

They crammed a massive china cabinet into the corner and slammed an ugly, dark leather sofa up against the wall. There's nothing on the walls at all to break up the pattern. What a waste of a beautiful wallpaper!