08 September 2008

How to use good wallpaper...goodly



Apparently "goodly" is a word now. Check out Beezy Peezy's fab kitchen. I'm especially liking the yellow/blue colour combination. I feel a revolution coming on. A revolution of people wallpapering unusual areas of their homes. Hoo-rah! I'm gonna draw the line at wallpapering appliances though...I have a feeling I'm gonna find that on google soon....yep here it is:



FancyPants-design said...

I agree these are all done rather "goodly" :-) I especially love the blue and yellow shelf!

sarah said...

Yes! thanks Shawna, have just taken up carpet and repainted floor boards in my bedroom and was humming and hawing about what colours to add to the neutral room. was torn between blues or yellows. I shall do both. and it won't look like a playschool!

Rubbish Removal said...

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