05 September 2008

This month's world of interiors

The next time you're in the newsagents, you have to pick up the October issue of The World of Interiors. Like it says on the cover "Our biggest issue ever!" It's so thick and full of inspiration, you can bludgeon someone over the head with it. This year's fall colours are a bit more reminiscent of bright, jewel-toned, Spring colours, which is great because it's just effing miserable outside right now! I'm just gonna sit here and stare at the bright yellow cover and pretend I'm somewhere warm....

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Redgate Studios said...

My favorite magazine- remember buying the first issue, think it was 1982.Would have had a massive collection by now if I had stayed put! Building up a nice collection again now though! I' always amazed that I can pick up a copy from years ago and still be insprired by what I see rather than cringeing.
Can't wait for the October issue, only just got the August one- well I do live 300 kms south of the most isolated city in the world!