17 September 2008

Vintage Vases on Etsy

Pyrex 1950's vase/caraffe from SamyStClair. $15.00

Four small 1970's vases from Vicskitschn. $8.00

Mid-century candle holder/vase with faux wood finish. From Violet64. $18.00

Vintage head vase from Touspourvous. $30.00

Antique whiskey jar/vase with the word "dimple" on it. From Scottishart. $15.00


Samy St Clair said...

Wow thank you so much for featuring my Pyrex Carafe on your blog!

Samy St Clair said...

I'm going to post your blog in my shop announcements!

Shawna said...

You're very welcome Samy! That carafe is fab!