24 October 2008

More Egypt Photos

I've edited the bulk of our Egypt pictures, and I wanted to share a few of my favourites so far. I really can't recommend Egypt enough for a holiday. We saw more in just the 2 1/2 weeks we were there than we have in years. It's absolutely incredible!

(eating falafel on the bus)

(Our camel train at dusk)

(Egyptian men...dressed as Pharaohs...playing the bagpipes...)

(Saqqara, the site of the first Pyramids)

(Behold! The great Pyramid of Giza! If you go, don't be surprised by the extreme amount of tour buses out in front of it. It takes away from the picturesque scene, but it makes for a funny photo.)

(Me looking rather smug about being in front of the pyramids.)

(The tourism police doing what they do best, taking pictures of people...with big ol' guns on there backs)

(On the sleeper train to Aswan)

(a very pre-packaged breakfast on the train)

(one of many ferry captains)

(The Temple of Philae)

(Some dudes that forced us to take a picture of them so we could pay them for it.)

(Getting an amazing henna tattoo done by a lovely Nubian girl)

(James jumping off our felluca boat into the nile)

(In a hot air balloon over the Luxor valley)

23 October 2008

Dublinwaste find

Do people just not know what cool furniture they're giving away....for free?! I'm starting to notice a pattern here, especially with sideboards. I suppose it's a good thing for all us scroungers out there. I particularly like this one. It's mid-century, but the shape of it looks like it would fit well with an Asian or Hollywood regency-type room as well. After that yellow chair this week, James has put his foot down on my ever-growing furniture collection, so I can't have it, but it would be nice if one of my readers picked it up....and sent me pictures!

22 October 2008

Halloween Things

(A gorgeous Eleanor Grosch Skull print: $40)

With Halloween coming up shortly, I thought a themed post would be appropriate, but worry not, these products will look good in your home all year long!
(Pair of owl salt and pepper shakers. $25 by Perch)
(Pumpkin Spice warmer from Yokoo's Etsy shop. $70)

(Monster mugs by Lollipop Pottery. $25)

(Day of the Dead cushion by Lama Design. $85.00)

21 October 2008

Autumn/Winter White Book

I always get excited when the new White Book comes out. I'll never be able to afford any of the products or properties shown in the magazine, but it's great for inspiration...especially the article about Jade Jagger's lake house. How adorable and comfy looking! But if you're reading the articles about Irish homes...that's another story I'm always disappointed to see the same sort of neutral, symmetrical design aesthetic in every house. That kind of traditional/contemporary look that we see so often in show houses. And this is meant to be, supposedly, the top in Irish interior design!

Hate to break it to you White Book, but not everyone who's into interiors is in their 40's. You may argue that upper middle-class/middle-aged people are the consumers that can afford all that bespoke furniture, and that's their demographic. However, with this world-wide recession on, a lot of those people might be thinking twice before buying those €5,000 camel coloured sofas (which by the way, I'm sure I could find a knock off of at Ikea). And I'm sure even they would like to see some colour and texture in Irish homes. The only consolation I have is the knowledge that when all those boring designers get old, our generation will be designing and painting their nursing homes. And they won't be Khaki! Viva Revolution!

19 October 2008

Coat Sale At Bluefly

I think it's fair to say that winter is upon us. It didn't truly hit me till we flew home from Cairo on Tuesday and our apartment was freezing. It was the first time I've had to turn the heater on since about March.

I've decided it's time to start looking for a nice winter jacket. I have a plain black one that I bought from Top-Shop a couple of years ago, but my relationship with that coat has lost it's spark and now my eyes are wandering towards younger, more attractive models. I popped onto Bluefly.com this morning and they've got a 3-day outwear sale on (I think today is the last day, though). An extra 15% off all coats and jackets. Here's a few I've already fallen in love with:

Soia & Kyo- $183.60


Soia & Kyo-$170.85

Nanette Lepore-$351.90

18 October 2008

New Chair

Check out the plastic easy chair I scored from Jumbletown.ie. The Purty Kitchen have the same ones outside in their smoking area, and I've been admiring them every time I walk by there. I'm pretty sure I'm seen them in Mobilia on Georges Street as well. Anyway, I did a bit of research (and by research, I mean I googled it). It was created by London designer Jerzy Seymour for Magis. I wish I had a few more to stack on top of it. They look pretty cool stacked on top of eachother. I don't know where I'm going to put it, because we don't have a lot of room as it is, but I figured I should just get the cool chair first, make spacial arrangements later.

15 October 2008

Old stuff in Cairo!

Hey all! It's been awhile but I'm back with plenty of stories and pictures to share. There's so many, however, this'll have to be broken up into several posts. Let's start with Cairo. A city of 22 million people, it boasts a butt-load of history and was taken over by several Empires over the years including the Greeks, Romans, Persians, Turks, English etc etc. This means a vast amount of design variety all within the one town. On our first day we visited two Coptic churches and the world famous White Mosque (which is an exact replica of the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, thanks to the Turkish invaders during the 19th century).

A chandelier in one of the Coptic churches

Door at the back of the church

A close up of the amazing inlay work on the door!

Fish carved into the pews. Here's something I bet you didn't know. Back in the day when the Romans were persecuting the Christians, a lot of them fled to Egypt (till Rome caught up with them of course). They decided to use a symbol to tell who was a fellow Christian and who wanted to kill them. They couldn't use the cross, for obvious reasons, so the fish became the Christian symbol.

Plastic-wrapped Jesuses at the gift-shop

Outside of the White Mosque

The lights inside the White Mosque. Quite possibly the most impressive chandelier I've ever seen. It's about 10 feet across and whenever a breeze blew in, it acted as a wind chime as well. This was given to the Mosque by the French in exchange for one of two obelisks outside Luxor Temple (but you'll see pictures of that later.

Under the chandelier

Unfortunately, the White Mosque is no longer a place of worship. It's now a place for school trips and tour groups like us. Still very beautiful though.

12 October 2008

Reporting from Egypt

Hi guys, sorry it's been a good long while. James and I are still in Egypt, but you'll be happy to hear we're coming back to Dublin on Tuesday, so that means some serious posting of pictures, and boy do we have a few!

Also, I think I should mention that about 45 minutes ago we completed our Open Water Dive course, so I apologise if this blog slowly turns more into a scuba blog than a design one. Haha. Well I'm going to have a couple of drinks now to celebrate. See you all later!