21 October 2008

Autumn/Winter White Book

I always get excited when the new White Book comes out. I'll never be able to afford any of the products or properties shown in the magazine, but it's great for inspiration...especially the article about Jade Jagger's lake house. How adorable and comfy looking! But if you're reading the articles about Irish homes...that's another story I'm always disappointed to see the same sort of neutral, symmetrical design aesthetic in every house. That kind of traditional/contemporary look that we see so often in show houses. And this is meant to be, supposedly, the top in Irish interior design!

Hate to break it to you White Book, but not everyone who's into interiors is in their 40's. You may argue that upper middle-class/middle-aged people are the consumers that can afford all that bespoke furniture, and that's their demographic. However, with this world-wide recession on, a lot of those people might be thinking twice before buying those €5,000 camel coloured sofas (which by the way, I'm sure I could find a knock off of at Ikea). And I'm sure even they would like to see some colour and texture in Irish homes. The only consolation I have is the knowledge that when all those boring designers get old, our generation will be designing and painting their nursing homes. And they won't be Khaki! Viva Revolution!

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