07 November 2008

Michelle Obama's White House

Jackie Kennedy in the Green Room with guests
I apologise for my absence the past couple of weeks. I've been so engrossed by the election that I haven't really been capable of doing anything else but watching the coverage on the major news networks. Now that it's over, I'm quite relieved (Go Obama!!!!!) and there's even been discussion of the possibility of moving to New York. However, it's still at the discussion stage.

Speaking of my new president, what do you think a Michelle Obama White House would look like? We have a long tradition of First Lady redecorations and renovations when it comes to that place, so I'm wondering how Mrs. Obama is going to stamp her name on it. When Teddy Roosevelt was president, they moved a number of moose heads into the State Dining room. When Jackie Kennedy was First Lady, she appointed the first White House curator and brought in loads of antique furnishing as well as an antique mural on wallpaper that surrounds the circular State Reception Room. Each president is allowed to design a new rug for the Oval office, and Laura Bush designed it this time around. I don't think anyone would see George W. as much of a creative type...
Here's a few photos of the White House through the years:

Rossalyn Carter in the Red Room.

Roosevelt Dining Room

Nancy Reagan's study

The Bush Dining Room