03 December 2008

Bird Feeder

Like most Dublin renters, James and I are not allowed to keep pets. A couple days ago though, James surprised me with a bird feeder so we could have the pleasure of seeing birds at our window but don't have to clean up after them or listen to them squawk at 5AM. We've no birds yet; just the occasional magpie perching on our gutter, but according to my parents (who have a collection of hummingbirds visiting their front garden), we should start noticing more feathered friends within a few weeks. I think this is a fab alternative to risking one's deposit. here's a few feeders I really like:
This one's great, because you can easily make it yourself with a couple of 2x4's, some chicken wire, and a bit of rope. But if you can't be bothered going to the hardware store to pick up the materials and building it, you can always buy one off Etsy from this guy for $16.00.

I found this gorgeous copper Topflight feeder on Amazon.com for $39.99. A bit more expensive, but incomparably beautiful.

Here we have a very festive, eco friendly gourd feeder for E12.99 from Blue Rock Gourds on Dawanda.

Ok, I know this one has been blogged to death, but I absolutely love it. It's by Eva Solo and they're made of hand blown glass. Very modern, very cool. Available at Amazon.co.uk for 28.50 pounds.

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Pixie said...

hey, I love seeing do-able at home ideas when I visit you....like the bird feeder...cool. Come visit, I did my stairs! I did it, and they're great. Now would I have had the courage without your post??? hmmm? Blog when you've got something to share. we'll wait!