09 December 2008

Design in Shanghai!

Blooming silk-blend mini dress - 63.00 Euros
The Chinese have always had awesome fashion sense, and a perfect example of this is Dawanda shop Matrix Loft, who specialise in avant garde, mostly grey clothing. When it comes to fashion on online homemade shops like Dawanda and Etsy, I'm quite often disappointed with level of quality I see, which usually consists of badly knit or poorly sewn items made from a mish-mash of cheap fabrics and labeled "Boho-chic." But I have to say, Matrix Loft has totally blown me away! It's young and hip, but at the same time elegant and mature. And the best part is the prices which could give BT2, Urban Outfitters, and Topshop a run for their money. Check out some of my favourites below:

Lantern Shirt - 55 Euros

Flower Bud applique skirt - 88 euros

Ashes Coat - 121 Euros

Transparent Wings dress - 65 Euros

Just one more thing to sweeten the deal for you: If the size posted on the item will not fit you, Matrix Loft will create a custom one that will at no extra charge. Talk about couture on the cheap!


aoife said...

thanks for the link, their stuff is beautiful...i fear my credit card might be in for a bashing today!

Fiferous said...

I am continually inspired by your blog! I found you when I was still living in Canada (Vancouver, not far from where you originate, if I recall correctly) and dreaming about moving to Dublin. Now that I am here, I will read you religiously! Do you have any tips for the St Jame's Gate area? I live near the hospital, and would love to hear about some nice student cafe's or pubs nearby. I really appreciate what you do :D

Anonymous said...

those clothes are fabulous!!!