18 December 2008

Free Posters at Readymade

Just because every newspaper, magazine, and news station in the world tells us we're seconds away from losing our jobs and international economy is crumbling, doesn't mean you can't invest in some art. Especially when it's free art ;-)

ReadyMade have asked five artists to reimagine the populist posters from the Great Depression, and you can download them for absolutely nothing. Since James and I have some empty frames and wallspace to fill, we've decided to take advantage of these freebies. Shall I say it once more? Free! Free free free! ....free


Anonymous said...

Great idea. Just got a poster framed in the weird little shop at the end of capel street. Was brilliant!!! So cheap compared to every other framer in Dublin.

Anonymous said...

I can't seem to be able to find the posters online - am I too late or looking in the wrong place?

If someone could let me know I'd be massively greatful!

Katherine (katherine.corr@hotmail.co.uk)

Waste Collection Dublin said...

Great stuff Shawna I must say as the post is old but even though I can't stop me to post on this. Encouragement towards the arts and culture is something which should be appraised always I think.