03 December 2008

Interior design and children...

(My niece and I)

Hey all, thanks for all the kind words and suggestions over the past couple of days. And I suppose I should thank my husband for basically forcing me to continue blogging...though I'm not sure how I feel about him hijacking my blog like that.

I wish I could post a bit of DIY, but I haven't really been doing any the past few months. We had our niece over for a bit a few weeks ago. It was the first time we had a child in our home. Kids are the best judge of things because they'll always tell you exactly what they think of it. The two words she used to describe the apartment we have worked so tirelessly on for the past two years were "It's funny." James told me later that I was showing her the apartment like a designer would show it to a client, but how do you explain things like feature walls and matte emulsion to a 10-year-old who's first language isn't english? You can't really.

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Rachel VW said...

Good to see you back!