28 December 2008

Mid Century Modern Flashcards

Christmas may be over, but that's no reason not to buy just one more gift for the Mid Century Modern fanatic in your life, and I think these flashcards will do just the trick! Aptly named "Know your Corbusier," this ring of laminated cards will teach you your Pantons from your Bertoias from your Jacobsens and much more. I mean, how can you impress your snobby south side, recession resistent friends if you aren't able to recognise and compliment them on owning that Hans Wegner lounge chair they never sit in. For a mere $25.00 on Etsy, it's worth it rather than the sheer embarrassment of confusing a George Nakashima with a George Nelson.

1 comment:

Waste Collection Dublin said...

Yes, I had also gifted similar kind of gift to one of my friends and at that time the smile which she shared with me was absolutely thousand times more precious than the money I had invested.