11 January 2009

Design for Someone else!

I'm back! Sorry about my absence...again. The Christmas season has been extraordinarily busy with all the celebrating and shooting two weddings in one week, including Paula's (of ultra fab accessories site Mabel & Violet).

Today's design tip to help your own home: design a room for someone else! I'm watching Colin and Justin's Worst Home in Britain at the moment, and to get a group of people to break their own bad design habits, they've each been assigned a room to decorate based on a fake client's brief. And while the people on the show seem to have failed disastrously, I'd say anyone with the slightest interest in interiors could use this as an fantastic exercise to build on their own design repertoire. Either practice your drawing and collaging skills on a piece of paper, or find a friend (or should I say willing victim) with different tastes from your own, who will allow you to decorate a room in their home. I think I might even try this myself!


Sue said...

I have qualified as an interior architect last summer and obviously can't find a job! I'd love an opportunity to do something like that even just for fun! I love interior design, but have to wait a few years for a job now I reckon..

Amelia Anne Flores Ireland said...

ok missy. yr blog is listed on the side of my blog. i would hate for my blog friends to come hang out with yr blog friends only to find no blog! i like the way you think, and how you do the thinking for me. more please!

7interiordesign said...

Me too I love to be a designer. I still tring to find a job in this.
We see what happen!


Come and decorate my house Shawna! Or at least help me with my stairs : )